Trial Boards

Whether you need a simple enlargement of a black and white page or you need to create more involved color boards with call out boxes, highlights, titles, etc., we can handle it all. We offer a variety of sizes, layouts and customization options to create powerful exhibits that present your case in a clear and … Read more

Printing Services

There is a right way and a wrong way to print from digital media. We utilize an advanced process that is far more reliable than the outdated “Open, click print, repeat” method. Our system will let you know if any of the files can’t be opened or printed and it will keep everything in the … Read more

Paper Discovery Services

Paper Discovery Services Specializing in Legal Copying and Scanning-If it has to be done right and on time, we have the experience, technology and capacity to handle any project. Electronic Bates Stamping Optical Character Recognition to make documents searchable Scanned images exported to any format  X-Ray scanning and duplication Trial binder creation 24 hours a … Read more

Electronic Data Discovery

Electronic Data Discovery Early Case Assessment Identify and segregate exact duplicates, filtering and culling to reduce data size Extract metadata and text to allow high level searching Process data for loading into any review program (Output in PDF, TIFF, Natives, etc.) Whether it’s Summation, Concordance, or an online document review/hosting platform such as Relativity or … Read more

Consulting Services

Personalized Service-Local, in-person consultation and assistance throughout the entire process from complaint through appeal Electronically Stored Information – Expert situation assessment and project planning Litigation Holds – Proper implementation and content writing to mitigate risk exposure Document Management – Complete, end-to-end document management solutions incorporating paper discovery, electronic data and web-based review technology to give … Read more

Forensic Data Collection

Forensic Data Collection No matter where the data is located, we can collect it in a forensically sound and legally defensible manner using the very latest, industry accepted technology. Proper forensic collection and analysis of data is absolutely necessary to ensure thorough, accurate, efficient, and cost effective responses to any e-discovery request. Where is the … Read more